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Welcome to Seben.Za.Net, the career and life support website for young South Africans

Sebenza is the Zulu word for a worker. Seben.Za.Net is dedicated to helping you to make the important decisions and choices in your life. Get sound advice, useful information, valuable resources and great tips on everything to do with studying, working and living in South Africa.

We'll help you to find and prepare for your future career. Hear about life after school from other young South Africans who have successfully made the transition from school to the world of work. will provide you with information, advice, guidance and access to personal and career development opportunities. We'll help you to make a smooth transition to adulthood and working life.
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Our vision is national website-based resource that effectively assists all South Africans to take advantage of education and training opportunities, to find and secure a successful place for themselves in the South African world of work and society and to participate successfully in the global economy.

Seben.Za.Net will provide a comprehensive career and life skills education and training support service and associated resources to South African learners and educators, parents and the wider community, in order to assist South Africans to prepare for, to choose, to embark on and to progress in a successful career in the South African world of work and society.